Outreach for us is simplydsc_0918 going and making disciples (Mat 28-19-20). We, a community of believers, do this through the love we have received from Jesus, by extending our services, resources, benefits, time, prayer and most importantly ourselves. We choose to lay our lives down for our King and His kingdom with the goal of bringing people to Jesus Christ.

Outreach is for all believers (Eph 4:12) and we encourage you to be part of touching the lives of people both locally and globally.

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412 Outreaches 

Four12 outreaches consists of a local or international team of saints and leaders who leave their local congregations and ‘reach out’ into other churches and geographical areas to equip, minister and build relationships.

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Members Ministries


The Almond Tree is a temporary place of safety for babies who are at risk due to HIV/Aids, poverty and substance abuse.  Some of our babies are given up for adoption at birth, some are abandoned and others have been removed from their families due to abuse and neglect.

We are devoted to caring for and rehabilitating every baby that comes through our doors and are purposeful in nurturing our babies physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our babies remain in our care until they are either adopted, fostered or reunified with a family member.

While the primary work of The Almond Tree is to nurture the babies, we are also dedicated to training and equipping our once unemployed caregivers with skills and training that will further their lives.

Much time is spent in prayer for our babies and the work that we do. The founders of The Almond Tree Baby Home are dedicated to disciple the staff and babies, teaching them the ways of the Lord. 

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Life Choices opened in 2012 and is a non-profit organisation which provides counselling for women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. We offer information on all of their different options that are available.

Here at Life Choices we have trained counsellors who are able to counsel women through their unplanned pregnancies regardless of age, race and religion. We are here to provide encouragement, emotional support and counselling to pregnant women and women who have had abortions. This is both a stressful and scary time for any women and many women experience the following emotions; loneliness, fear, depression, anger, bitterness, anxiety, insomnia, self harming and drug and alcohol abuse. In a time like this it is very possible to make a decision solely based on emotions. We at Life Choices want to make sure that each woman makes an informed decision, after careful thought and counselling. We are here to counsel you on all the different options that are available to you.

We provide a safe, friendly and loving environment to every woman. All of our services are free and confidential.

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