Our hearts desire as Covenant Life Church is to worship God in Spirit and in truth. Worship is about honouring God and bringing glory to Him! We know that, “presenting our bodies as living sacrifices”, every day of our lives, is an important part of our worship. As important is, “the fruit of our lips giving thanks”. That’s where our devoted team of singers and musicians comes in, each adding to the song according to his or her own gifting and faith.


Musicians, vocalists, sound engineers and those interested in audio visual who love to worship and want to use their gift to serve the Body of Christ are encouraged to join the team and devote themselves to leading the “bigger worship team”, the church, to step into God’s presence through praise and worship.


Songwriters are also encouraged to explore their gifting and to bring new songs and sounds that can lead to greater intimacy and adoration as we give of ourselves to God, in worship.
Worship is a ministry that requires a deep love for God, love for worship and love for God’s people, the church. Please contact us via email to get involved.